BurdaStyle - Member Project of the Week

Šovakar, man par patīkamu pārsteigumu, pamanīju, ka BurdaStyle saitā mans lielais gara darbs ir iekļuvis kā "Member Project of the Week". Patīkami :) Komentāri nebeidz turpināties.

2 komentāri:

  1. dear zanda!
    oh, this blazer was yours! i am a little late, but congrats on having been featured project of the week! you did a wonderful job on this piece! it looks so professional and fits him very well! Glad you are making your blog bilingual now! Do not be scared, my English is not so perfect, too! :)...I will definitey follow you now!
    P.S.: I love your slouchie beanie!


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